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Desi Valdez

President & Co- Owner

President and leading visionary of RED HAWK Contracting, Desi Valdez learned early in his career that INTEGRITY, Quality, Value, and Timeliness are the main ingredients to satisfying a client in our industry.  

Desi graduated from Texas A&M University in 1991, with a degree in Construction Science. After working 4 years managing designers, engineers, and contractors for civil construction projects at a Texas lignite mine, he returned to San Antonio in 1994 to work in commercial building construction. With over 17 years of experience, Desi reached out to his business partner and started
RED HAWK Contracting officially on July 4th. Today, Desi’s main focus is to lead the RED HAWK team in ensuring clients are well informed in their decision making process.  

In his leisure time, he enjoys biking, fishing, and attending informal social events. He also enjoys spending quality time with family and close friends.

Desi: Testimonials


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