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Katya Medina

Estimating / Business Development

Katya Medina, Assistant Estimator, is the DILIGENT reviewer of all new project plans. Katya helps through all facets of the bidding process by determining the scope of work, communicating directly with subcontractors and design professionals, and assisting with estimates in close COLLABORATION with our Project Managers. 


Joining the RED HAWK Team in the spring of 2023, Katya brings a wealth of INSIGHT in organizational efficiency and leadership, gained through her previous roles in diverse manufacturing industries after completing her studies at Texas A&M University. Katya’s expertise, dedication, and commitment to excellence contribute significantly to the success of RED HAWK.

Outside of work, Katya enjoys quality time with her loved ones, including family and close friends. She also has a passion for exploring captivating destinations and embarking on memorable travels to exciting destinations creating unforgettable moments that resonate long after the journey ends.


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